Hand Held Back Massager – Your key to targeted massage therapy

When you are experiencing back pain or ache, one of the first thing that most people think of, is to take pain killer pills or go to massage centers to relieve the pain.

There is another way to soothe the aching pain and save money too. Have you tried using any of the self massaging tools ? Something small like the hand held back massagers ?  These personal massaging devices comes in many types to cater to each and every person preferences.

The best part of these massagers is that they are portable. Not only you can use it at home, you can take it along to your office or car even take it on vacation. Moreover, you can use it on your back and on other parts of your body as well.

Hand Held Electric Massagers

Manual massagers can be as simple as a foam roller or a massage ball. They are cheap and quite commonly used by massage therapists. They will require a little more effort on your part to administer the massage as you will have to do the constant massaging action and apply the appropriate pressure, if needed. Most of these massagers will only do 1 function, for example either rolling, accupoint pressure or knocking/ percussion.


Electric massagers has grown in popularity in recent years. They can be found in mom-and-pop stores all the way up to high end departmental stores. Personally, I love the small electric massagers, especially when you come back from work, tired. They do  help my body to feel relaxed. Although I have the U-shaped type that goes around my shoulders, it works perfectly for other parts of the body as well. I have also used it on my lower back, and legs as well.

These little massaging gadgets come in different types and offer different functions, catering to your every needs. Some are specifically for your shoulders, back or feet and offers different ways of massaging ,for example, kneading, knocking, rubbing, etc.

Some products not only have different intensity levels, they also have the heating function as well as soothe the uncomfortable areas of your body. You can choose between wired and wireless.


Type Of Massaging Methods

  • Rolling or longitudinal Gliding: Involves going to and fro on the troubled area. Helps in blood flow and relaxing the tight muscles. It is a basic but effective way.
  • AccuPoint or Trigger Point: Involves applying pressure on the troubled muscular area. This is very useful for loosening muscle knots.
  • Kneading: This massaging technique involves a constant directional action. This is useful for relaxing as well as loosening the tight muscles.
  • Knocking/ percussion: Involves a hammering type of action. One of favorite methods of Asians. It is used for relaxing and lessening pain.


Types Of Massaging Nodes

Many hand held massagers will come with usually 6 interchangeable nodes (or heads I would like to call them). They are made from silicone (soft) or plastic (hard). The hard plastic is excellent for loosening muscle knots and deep tissue massaging. Some people, like myself would prefer the softer silicone nodes as I personally find the plastic too hard and at times painful when using the massagers.

  • A more rounded node will provide a milder massage. Great for relaxing and de-stress.
  • A single more pointed node will focus on specific acupuncture points.
  • A 3 or more spread out “bump” heads node will provide relief on larger areas.

How To Select The Best Portable Massager

Most people will be overwhelmed by the numerous range of massaging products available in the market. The first thing you have to know is what type of massaging you prefer.

Do you have tight muscle knots? Then you may opt for a kneading or a trigger point massager.

Maybe you just want to relax and relieve stress? You may like to opt for an electric kneading massager with a heat function.

Here are factors to look for when you are selecting your electric massager.

  • Ergonomic design: Easy to grip. Not too bulky and should be shaped to reach your back without any issues.  
  • Lightweight: Should not be too heavy for daily use.

  • Motor Power: For electric massagers, the motor should be reasonably powerful so that it delivers the performance needed, for example working deep into the muscles.

  • Power cords/wireless: Power cords should be long enough for your movements. For wireless, look out for good battery life(at least 1.5 hrs)

  • Massaging Intensity levels: For electric models, there should be different levels / variable speeds available to you, depending on your needs.

  • Heat elements: Personally, I would go for a product which has heating properties. I find it helps to relax the muscles effectively for further massage therapy.

  • Read reviews: Importantly, read the actual product reviews. They are written(most of them are, anyways 🙂 ) by actual customers who have bought the product and have listed their pros and cons about the product. You should take note of the company’s customer service as well. Do they answer customers’ questions promptly? Are they actively standing behind their products? Do they send out a replacement in the event that a product is faulty?

Advantages Of Having A Back Massager

  • Improving Blood Circulation: Massaging do promote oxygen absorption and reducing blood

  • Relieve Aches, Pain and Tension: Although it won’t relieve 100% of your aches and pain, most people have reported they felt better and experienced a notable positive difference in their pain situation.

  • Relaxation: Massaging reduces stress, muscle tension, lowers blood pressure and heart rate. These helps to slow your system down and gradually feeling relaxed. It promotes better health and sleep.

  • Improving Back Posture: By relieving back pain, a person is able to improve his posture.



Although these hand held back machines may not match up to a skilled human massager, they are highly regarded to be able to do a significant amount of relieving pain. They are relatively inexpensive to own and saves you time to run down to see your massage therapist, which you might have to fork out a handsome sum of money for a session.

Most importantly, massagers does what it supposed to do. It does make sense to have a massager at home to alleviate your back pain and back muscular issues.

It is advisable to seek a medical professional (for example. Chiropractor or Physiotherapist) before using any massaging devices. They are able to advise you of the type of massage that would be most suitable for you. With that information, you will be able to select the appropriate massage machine and experience the healing power for yourself ! Like millions of people, you won’t regret it !

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